Barrel Stories Project now online

Added: 23 Apr 2016

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Today marks the launch Barrel Stories’ new home on the web. This platform has been developed as a place to share and discuss what happens when Caribbean parents and their children are separated by migration and the implications for the temporary caregivers that step in to fill the void.

There is background information on the project’s mission, on so-called “barrel children”, as well as a page of resources to help introduce some of the issues related to this common situation.

More than anything however this site is primarily a place for storytelling, whether through the short fictional film Auntie, or the real stories being recorded and shared by the contributors whose experiences are at the heart of this site. No statistic, no report, no study, can be as effective in conveying the emotions of the people affected. Each person’s experience is unique and valuable and helps to create understanding and build connections.

New stories will be added every week and new discussions generated both here and on social media.