Thank You

Our contributors, present and future, are at the centre of this project. Their desire to share their stories is the reason this platform was created. Whatever we are able to achieve with this initiative, will be their accomplishment as much as it is ours.

Auntie and the Barrel Stories Project would not exist without the support of Commonwealth Writers, an initiative of the Commonwealth Foundation. Over the past three years, they have provided funding wherever possible as well as being tireless champions of the project. We are especially grateful to Lucy Hannah and Sunila Galappatti for their guidance and encouragement.

Ruth Leary and Ria Fay-Berquist have been instrumental in helping to hone ideas around the project’s direction. Thanks to Ann-Marie King of aek branding + design for our identity suite and to Dwaynne Villiers of VIRB Ltd for the development of the website.

We are often led to our contributors by fans of the film and the project. It is their passion and their endorsement that has opened doors to the community for us. We particularly want to thank Andrea Crichlow, Jan Blenman, Romola Lucas and Gaile Walters for being consistent advocates for the project.