About the Project

The mission of the Barrel Stories Project is to record and share the stories of Caribbean people affected when migrant parents leave they children behind in their home countries in the care of others. We want to start a conversation about the effects of this common but rarely discussed situation on parents, on children and on caregivers.

For many decades there has been a steady flow of Caribbean migrants to the US, UK, Canada and other countries, who go in search of economic opportunities. In 2013, we released the fictional short film Auntie, which looked at one aspect of this scenario – the separation of a loving caregiver from a child to whom she has grown close. The film resonated with viewers around the world and many people contacted us to talk about their diverse experiences. Having told one story, we felt that the best way to make a contribution on this issue was to create a platform for others to tell their stories.

This is just the first phase of a project that will see these stories become the basis of a creative, engaging and thought-provoking experience both online and  out in the world.

Ultimately we want to promote the kind of dialogue that leads to healing; to bring about a greater understanding of the effects of this arrangement; and to develop a clear idea of what has worked and what has not so that parents and caregivers today can have all the tools they need to create the best outcomes for everyone involved, especially for the children.

Join us in our mission to start this conversation!  Find out more about how you can submit a story.