Struggling with being a black child in small town Canada, Tonni asked to be sent back to Trinidad to live with an aunt. Her parents agreed and she moved to Trinidad until she was 18 years old. She credits the close ties and healthy communication between her aunt and her mother for the positive outcome.

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2 responses to “Tonni”

  1. Gaile Walters says:

    Listening to Tonni was a joyous affair. I loved her story, hearing it was like being there. The “parents” in her life put her first yet didn’t stop parenting. Auntie Halcyon and Mummy are real to me through her story. My take away was more than love clarity and communication made it work.

  2. Annette Jeffers says:

    Lisa this is so wonderful. As you know I can personally identify with this experience even though my story is filled with sadness and loss. But the human spirit is such a wonderful thing.
    I wish you every success with the barrel of stories. They are so cathartic.

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